Abhay Venkatesh is Software Engineer at Anduril Industries, where he works on software infrastructure in data and distributed systems. Previously, he was a founding engineer on Anduril’s autonomy program, where he invented a 7 U.S. patent-pending system for multi-drone autonomy that unlocked millions of dollars of contract value for Anduril.

Abhay has also worked at or with institutions such as Facebook Engineering, Stanford Computer Science, Microsoft Research, and MIT CSAIL.


Abhay worked on AI research in college, focusing on machine learning, computer vision, and software systems. He published 6 AI papers in 1 year and 9 months at prestigious conferences like CVPR, AAAI, and HotCloud while taking a full course load in advanced computer science and mathematics.

Abhay was the President and Co-Founder of ai.cs.wisc.edu at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, from where he graduated with a Bachelor of Science in computer sciences and mathematics with distinction and departmental honors in computer sciences.


Abhay is an award-winning researcher in computer science, having been a recipient of international awards such as the Cornell, Maryland, Max Planck Pre-Doctoral Research Fellowship awarded to outstanding pre-doctoral computer science researchers from all around the world.

In addition to his excellence in computer science research, he is a proven leader, having received numerous awards for his leadership at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, such as the John W. Jung Memorial Scholarship and the Dean’s Award of Excellence.

Finally, he has ranked #3 nationally out of 15,000 in prestigious technology quizzes, received 99th percentile scores in competitive exams such as the GRE, and received recognition and recommendation from senior leadership in state government for his non-profit work.


Abhay has written numerous articles on technology. In The Revelation, Abhay focuses on philosophical ideas at the intersection of technology, philosophy, and startups. On the other hand, in Applied Dialectics, Abhay writes about applying these ideas in the real world. He also maintains more of his technical posts here.

In addition, Abhay has been interviewed several times, including by Jason Gauci of Facebook AI and Patrick Wheeler of Apple and his work has been featured on Forbes and TechCrunch. He has also been featured on local and state news in the past.


For a brief overview of Abhay’s work, please check out his LinkedIn. For more details on his projects, please take a look at his projects.

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